Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Will the sex offender registry ever reach 20-30-40 millions names?

8-11-15 National:

Yes if lawmakers continue to criminalize juveniles!

Lawmakers spend more time trying to criminalize teenage sexual behaviors than they do trying to resolve issues related to known juvenile sexual behaviors. Why do lawmakers fail to cite the following statistics?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) developed the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) to monitor six types of health-risk behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of death and disability among youth and adults, including—
  • Behaviors that contribute to unintentional injuries and violence
  • Sexual behaviors that contribute to unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV infection
  • Alcohol and other drug use
  • Tobacco use
  • Unhealthy dietary behaviors
  • Inadequate physical activity
Only the Sexual behaviors of high schoolers are relevant to our discussion. These are the questions they were asked, anonymously. 1) Ever had sexual intercourse (46.8%); 2) Had sexual intercourse before age 13 years (for the first time) (5.6%); 3) Had sexual intercourse with four or more persons (during their life) (15%) 4) Were currently sexually active (sexual intercourse with at least one person during the 3 months before the survey) (34%). See pic below:

Click on pic which, generated using CDC YRBSS data and you can do the
same by CLICKING HERE and selecting
the "High School Youth Online Results"
and setting for questions about "sex."

To see all the questions related to "sex" CLICK HERE and see Questions: 21,23 and 59-65. Easy to find by doing a page search for "sex" after you open the file.

So how many participated in the CDC report? A review of the CDC map show three states didn't, but honestly how much could they change the percentages, likely a fraction if at all. Today high school folks are the same nationwide. So we looked to National Center for Educational Statistics which shows "14.7 million will be in grades 9 through 12."

If 46.8% of High schoolers have had sexual intercourse, illegal by todays laws, that means todays registry is likely understated by 6,879,600 juvenile sex offenders, at a minimum.

How long has this been going on? CLICK Shocking? Now about 1/4 of those high schoolers graduate every year. Consider this, that means 1,719,900 could be added to todays' registries every year and there would still be over 6,000,000 in high school. Now after 10-15-20-25-30 years the numbers are mind blowing; over time millions reaching billions? Do the math. Would law enforcement be able to keep up home address checks or even in person check-in and updating? Where would these folks live given residency laws?

Shame on lawmakers who believe these juveniles belong on a Sex Offenders Registry for Life!