Friday, July 13, 2012

Contacting ALL Lawmakers in Washington DC: Representatives and Senators

7-13-2012 Washington DC:

Before I begin, if you are a registered former sex offender, you should ignore doing this because Facebook and other social networks either don't want you on their site, or possibly your own state has made it illegal for you to get on such sites. Please do not take any chances if your are a RSO; the Internet has a wonderful memory and I would not want folks to end up in jail.

However, with that said, even FSO's have family members who may very well have opinions which they want lawmakers to hear. Such family members, close or distant, please have your voices heard as you may be affected by what is being done to the FSO. And if you are no longer required to register please read on and act.

OK, we all know Lawmakers -for the most part- do not want to hear from people who are not their constituents so Lawmaker's e-mail systems filter out non constituents on any point they may want to make. Also, many Lawmakers are members of a Committee which is considering a bill affecting registered sex offenders, or their families collaterally. Virtually impossible to get to committee members either.

So is there a way to get messages to these Lawmakers? YUP!

It is important that EVERYONE has the ability to exercise their First Amendment Freedom of Speech right, especially on Political issues, and more importantly, issues affecting RSOs. It might take a few steps, but worth it to have your voice heard.

Here is how: Social Networks, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc. Most Lawmakers have a place one one or more of these, and they cannot filter-out non constituents. True they can ignore messages, but they folks they have monitoring them and reporting back to the Lawmaker will tell them of overwhelming negative responses.
Personally I feel the reason lawmakers don't want RSOs on social networks is, then they do not have to listen to their voices; sort of a quasi filtering method. Far too often child and public safety is used as a ruse for other purposes.
Here is what you do:
  • 1) Find the Lawmaker's website, they all have one; (See table below)
  • 2) Somewhere on their website there will be links to any social network they are part of, click on it;
  • 3) Put your message to them there. Yes you will need an account on that social network (be mindful of my opening warning to anyone who is not supposed to be on such sites).
As to Committees, you will need to know what committee the lawmaker is on, which you can get from his/her website. Then contact them as mentioned above.

Oh you say, this is too much trouble? Consider the effects on you and your family as the result of the legislation the lawmaker is pushing. Its your decision, try, or live with it. And remember, your voice may also help others you do not know! DECISION TIME!
U.S. HouseU.S. Senate
Represenatives WebsitesSenators Websites

Some things in life are hard, but at times that cannot be helped. Anyone with a better idea, I'm all ears.

OK, for now have a great day and a better tomorrow.