Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to file a Postal Complaint

August 2012:

OK, why do registered folks need to know about Post Office Complaints? Some states mail different kinds of notices to folks on the registry. And, at times this information is critical to the registrant to keep them in compliance with the state's laws. Accordingly, if folks do not get that information, timely, they may risk being arrested and charged with a crime.
ex: In Virginia a form is mailed -registered mail- to registrants, which is needed when they go in to re-register; a state requirement. Without that form registrants might get into trouble and may be charged with another crime. (see "VSP Certified Letters Sent to My Physical Address Instead of My P.O. Box When Mail Can Not be Delivered To the Physical Address, by Russ"). Other states may have similar types of forms.

Lets suppose the Post Office were to hold up delivery of the form. That would ultimately get the registrant in trouble. So registrants need to check with the Post Office and see if they have the form. Now if this happens regularly, or often, that violates Postal Regulations.

So, when you have postal issues (our example is but one) that cannot be explained, or happen too often without just cause, then its time to file a customer complaint.

Complaints can be in person, by phone, by e-mail or in writing. Click For Customer Service page. It is best to try to solve issues locally.

Make certain that you document everything, you may need to reference it later on.

If your complaint cannot be resolved locally: The US Post Office has a Consumer Advocate, who represents consumers at the top management level in the Postal Service. If your postal problems cannot be solved by your local post office, then write to the Consumer Advocate. His staff stand ready to serve you: The Consumer Advocate, US Postal Service, Washington, D.C. 20260-6320 or phone 1-202-268-2284.

At this point your complaint should be resolved, but if not, then the Washington Office needs to handle it, work with them on any issue.

For now, have a great day and a better tomorrow.

USPS Manuals: To see what it says about "Complaints"

Choose "Domestic Manual";
Then right hand col, very bottom, "Index" Click on it;
Then page search (CTRL F) for "complaints" it will be 608.6.0.
Click on 608.6.0. to read it.

When last accessed (August 2012) it showed this:

6.0 Complaints and Postal Law Violations
6.1 Consumer Complaints and Inquiries
Any postal customer may complain or inquire about postal products, services, or employees at any Post Office or directly to the USPS Consumer Advocate (see 8.1 for address). A complaint or inquiry may be made in person, by telephone, by e-mail, or by letter. A complaint or inquiry about the handling of a specific piece of mail should include the related envelope or wrapper and copies of all postal forms filed. A customer who is dissatisfied with the local handling of a complaint or inquiry may send a written appeal to the Consumer Advocate. A court of law can require such appeal as a legal prerequisite for hearing a customer’s suit against the USPS.
6.2 Postal Law Violations
Instructions on mail security as it relates to unauthorized opening, inspection, tampering, or delay of mail are in Administrative Support Manual 274 (Mail Security). Information and complaints on a possible postal law violation must be sent to the appropriate address according to the ZIP Code ranges shown below:

003-079, 08005, 08006, 08008, 08050, 08087, 08092,
08501-08504, 08506-08510, 08512-08514, 08516,
08517, 08519-08553, 08555-08561, 08600-08639,
08642-08691, 087-098, 100-149
Postal Inspection Service
PO Box 2613
Jersey City NJ 07303-2613

08001-08004, 08007, 08009-08049, 08051-08086,
08088-08091, 08093-08099, 081-084, 08505, 08511,
08515, 08518, 08554, 08562, 08640-08641,
150-39776, 700-799
Postal Inspection Service
225 N Humphreys Blvd
Memphis TN 38120-2149

400-693, 800-884, 850-999
Postal Inspection Service
222 S Riverside Plz Ste 1250
Chicago IL 60606-6100