Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tracking Registry Compliance Rates

10-13-2012 National:

Registry compliance figures is something missing from studies, so we are going to track comments made by officials as to registry compliance. Hopefully, over time, we can determine "Local" and "State" or even "National" compliance rates.

This by no means is any official rate, lets call it the Media Rate.

Here is a local from Alaska (4.2% Non Compliant):
In May 2011, the marshals and the troopers finished a five-month joint operation called "Operation Verification." It resulted in 1,910 of the registered sex offenders' addresses being verified. In all, 1,651 were in compliance; 137 were in jail for unrelated reasons; 81 offenders were out of compliance, and they were either arrested or had warrants issued for their arrest; and 41 were not located at the time. ..Source.. 10-13-2012